Friday, July 14, 2006

Newborn Reference Books

Here's the list of books we found useful with our new baby. I've included Amazon referral links for your shopping convenience.

The essential trifecta:
Baby Whisperer - the "EASY" routine is the basis of how we deal with our baby. There is also troubleshooting advice on a bunch of topics from nursing to sleeping. In the first week, we ran to this book about 10 times a day!

Happiest Baby on the Block - the soothing bible.

There is also a DVD you can buy.

Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child - the sleep bible. Not well written (Dude, get an editor), but *very* useful!

General Reference:
Your Child's Health - our pediatrician's nurse hotline goes by this book. They have a computer program designed by this book's author to diagnose and recommend a course of action. So, before calling, we can read up on the symptoms, while on the phone we can ask for clarification on anything we didn't understand, and then after the call refer to the book to jog our memory about what we discussed.

"What's going on in there?" by Lise Eliot
Incredibly fascinating can't-put-it-down description of baby's brain development from 0-5 years. Demystifies what your baby's brain is capable of at different developmental stages. Tells you how to interact with your baby appropriately for her age.

The Scientist in the Crib

How to Raise A Brighter Child

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