Monday, January 05, 2009

Organized Mommy Baby Log (free download!)

It's finally here.... Organized Mommy's Baby Log!

Organized Mommy Baby Log

With my two babies, I honed a style of baby log that allows you to record nearly everything about your baby in a simple graphical format. My two sisters and several friends have used this baby log and have given me their feedback. Now, I'm making it available as a free PDF download to all Organized Mommy readers.

Keeping track of your baby’s feeding, sleeping, and disposition in a graphical format lets you easily see patterns and allows you to adjust their schedule to suit them. This compact log lets you see a whole week on a single page. The bottom half is a day planner section that allows you to keep track of everything else in your life. It’s everything a new mom needs in one easy planner!

If you know any new or expecting moms, please let them know about this great resource!

Click the link below to get the download.

Organized Mommy Baby Log (free pdf download)

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