Friday, October 31, 2008

Kaboost - Boost any Chair

HB outgrew her "baby" highchair and so it was time to move her into something new. We wanted something that could grow with her until she is ready for an adult-size chair. One option we considered was the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair. It's a beautiful chair, and the Amazon reviews were all positive, but at $250, it seemed a bit too excessive. The less expensive knock-off, the PRIMO Deluxe Easy Chair, has quality control issues. We ordered one from Amazon, but like many people noted in the reviews, we had to return it because it would not assemble properly and was wobbly.

Finally, I found the KABOOST Portable Chair Booster. It's awesome! Instead of a specialized highchair or booster seat, it's a stand that boosts any 4-legged chair. The two height settings are similar to those found in conventional booster seats. It is very stable and has non-skid material on the bottom.

HB loves it because she gets to sit in a "big girl chair" and not a baby seat. We use it with one of our regular dining room chairs. So, she's sitting in the same chair as we are.

I love it because it works great and was only $35. It was trivial to install -I snapped it right onto the chair within minutes of unpacking it. It stays attached to the chair even when you lift it. It also folds up fairly small. I do not think it's small enough that we would travel with it, but someday when neither of our kids needs a booster seat, I could see holding onto it for those occasions when we have other people's kids over - something we would definitely not do with a larger specialized child seat.

While we got the more subdued "natural" color, I think the green one would be really cute if you had the right kind of decor.

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