Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Playroom Ideas - Magnetic White Boards

a continuation of my posts on revamping the playroom....

Another big hit of the new playroom are the magnetic white boards. These are not your stale corporate-looking white boards, but colorful squares in pink, purple, and green (they also come in blue @Target for $7.49 each). I love them if just for the visual pop of color that they add!

This is what HB loves to do with her whiteboards:
* cheap magnetic locker mirrors allow her to see herself in her dress-up clothes.
* magnets allow her to display her latest art projects
* LeapFrog Magnetic Alphabet Set and Leapfrog Word Builder allow her to learn her ABC's and three-letter words.
* White-board markers allow her to practice letters, or just decorate her space.

Older kids may want to use white boards to keep track of their weekly calendar, homework assignments, or wish lists.

Note: these particular boards were not strong enough to hold the word whammer, so we kept it on the fridge. But the alphabet letters stay up just fine. Perhaps a thicker board would hold the word whammer too.

P.S. We also love this Tot Tutors Toy Shelf from Target (pictured next to the magnet boards). Great for keeping toys organized, yet visible to the kids for playing. When they go on sale, you can get them for as low as $35.00.


  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    What a coincidence! We just got a magnetic white board and the Leap Frog alphabet toy for S. We have a very wierd house where none of the appliances are magnetic. S finally has a place to play with his magnetic toys. He loves it!

  2. @candy - I couldn't believe how quickly HB learned her letters with this toy. One day, she surprised us by pointing out an "S" on a store sign. We looked at each other and asked "Did *you* teach her that?" Neither of us had. She had just learned it on her own. Gotta love that!


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