Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

For me, the theme of Christmas this year is simplicity and human connection.

We made a big deal with HB of selecting a wish from the wishing tree at our local YMCA. (Where you anonymously buy presents for those who wouldn't otherwise have Christmas.) We selected a tag for a little 5 year old girl. For Christmas, all that she asked for was an outfit - pants size 5 and shirt size 6. Not a toy, a doll, or a video game, but an outfit. To be clothed. This really struck me.

So I headed on over to Target and bought her an adorable pair of black velour pants and a sparkly pink turtleneck. I figured I was treading the line between an outfit that she could wear everyday, yet still have something cute if she was going to a holiday party or church. I also threw in a long-sleeve black and white tee so that she would have another shirt to wear with her pants. As I was walking to the checkout to pay for our outfit, I nearly started to cry. I was struck by this little girl and her humble request. And I realized that I was not done shopping.

This girl needed accessories! A pink sparkly belt with a heart-shaped bucke, and a black patent leather one with rhinestones. She also needed headbands - shiny satin headbands with bows in pink and black. And socks to match.

But, I was still not finished. No kid should have Christmas of just necessities. She needed dolls. The ones she really wanted, but didn't ask for. So, I bought her a cute set of dolls in costumes from around the world that pack into their own little fabric carrying bag.

When I brought this home to show HB, I expected her to want to keep the clothes and dolls for herself. She is two, afterall, and "mine" is a favorite word. But, I was pleasantly surprised at her reaction. We had been talking a lot about this "little girl who won't have Christmas" and how she would be sad if she didn't get any presents, but that we could make her happy by sharing some of our presents with her. When HB saw the clothes, and belts, and dolls, she said excitedly, "How cute! Now the little girl will have clothes like me!".

Tomorrow morning, when my kids are ripping open presents in their already abundant playroom, I will be thinking about this little girl and imagining the squeal of delight when she sees those belts!

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