Friday, January 30, 2009

January Super Food Challenge - Wrap-up

Today marks that end of the first month of the Organized Mommy Super Food Challenge. Where we gradually incorporate new healthy foods into our regular diet!

January's super food was Sweet Potatoes. My goal was to incorporate two servings of sweet potatoes into my family's weekly diet.

So, how did my family do? Awesome!

We had no problem working in the sweet potato frites. HB ate them without a hitch. She didn't even realize they weren't "regular" french fries. After all, french fries for her are really just a ketchup-ferrying mechanism. My husband and I loved them with a splash of red wine vinnegar.

Thanks to a commenter who left a yummy recipe for roasted sweet potatoes. I couldn't believe how simple the recipe really was! I toned down the chili pepper and cyan so that they wouldn't be too spicy for HB. She ate them just fine.

Another week, I was pressed for time, and didn't have 30 minutes to let them bake, so I steamed them in the micro with a little water in a covered bowl for about 6 minutes. They ended up a bit mushy, so I added some milk and mashed them. Super yum!

What I've learned is that it's pretty difficult to mess up sweet potatoes. They taste really good no matter what you do. Given my lack of culinary skills, this is a good thing!

So, I think it will be relatively easy to keep using sweet potatoes as our veggie side dish 1-2 times per week. 1 super food down, and 11 to go!

Check back next Friday for the February Super Food!

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