Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Organizing Your Nursery

Nurseries don't have to be complicated or expensive. I know that all new moms feel pressure to have a nursery worthy of the Pottery Barn catalog with beautifully-painted pastoral murals and designer hard-wood furniture. But, believe me -- the most important thing is for your nursery to be comfortable and organized. You will spend most of your time in the nursery bleary-eyed and in the dark. You are going to care more that your wipe refills are right at hand when you open the wipes container to find it empty during the most enormously gooey blow out diaper you have ever seen.

AB's nursery is in a tiny room that used to be used as a walk-in closet. Our house is a 100-yr old Victorian, and the bedroom closets are skimpy (to say the least). So, previous occupants decided to turn the smallest bedroom into a walk-in closet. But, along came AB and we had to reclaim the closet as a nursery. The room is teeny tiny at 6'x9'. Many people are surprised when they see it for the first time. They're amazed that I've fit a very functional nursery into such a small space without it feeling cramped. The key was to pair it down to just the essentials and keep it organized.

The starting point for organizing any room is to know what functions you need the room to serve, and organize the room around those functions.

For a nursery, the functions are:

1) changing diapers and clothes

2) nursing/feeding

3) storage of baby-related items

4) sleeping

I will take each function in turn in a series of upcoming posts on organizing your nursery.

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