Monday, June 09, 2008

Baby #2!

We just added a second kid to our happy brood. AB is now six weeks old and is a happy little guy. Part of my impetus for writing this blog was to remind myself of all the things we did for HB for when we had another. Now I am forced to follow my own advice - will it work the second time around, or will I be forced to eat humble pie?

A lot of people have been asking me if #2 is easier than #1. No! It's pure craziness. Granted, taking care of the baby is easier. You are more confident and less "deer in the headlights" than with #1. But, you are doing this while also caring for a toddler in the prime of her "terrible twos". Instead of wondering what to do when the baby has gas or how to avoid a blow-out diaper, you are wondering what to do when the toddler throws a tantrum while you are nursing, or wants to "help" the new baby by shoving a pacifier in his mouth. Do you praise the "helping" or chastise the "non-gentle-ness"? This is uncharted territory just as scary as bringing home your first baby. Stay tuned!

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