Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Toddler Lunch

HB's daycare does not provide lunch. So, we've been packing her lunch since she started at daycare around age 1. She is now 2. At first, I stressed about making her lunch. But, over time, we have gotten it down to be very low overhead.

Our daycare will not heat the lunches for the kids. That seemed strange to us until we realized that kids will eat almost anything cold. So, just pack whatever you have in the fridge!

Main dish
We find what works best is to pack leftovers from last night's dinner. As we are cleaning up dinner and putting away the leftovers, set some aside and pack it into little tupperware containers for her lunch.
Other easy options are listed below:
  • Macaroni and cheese - Annie’s single size servings packets. We usually add a handful of shredded cheese to make it cheesier. You can also add some frozen veggies from the freezer, like peas or corn.
  • Quesadilla - Use half a tortilla. Sprinkle on handful of shredded cheese. Add one slice of lunch meat. Fold in half (to make a quarter-slice). Microwave for 1:10, or until cheese is melted. Wrap in tin foil and place in lunch box.
  • Scrambled eggs - One egg, splash of whole milk, small handful of shredded cheese. After cooking, place in small thermos (we got one at Target for $10).
  • cup of applesauce
  • Dole fruit cup (drain juice and put into Tupperware)
  • apple (peel skin and cut into small cubes) in Tupperware
  • orange (peeled and divided into slices) in Tupperware
  • half a banana (use plastic wrap over the exposed end)
If her main dish does not have protein (cheese, or meat), we add a stick of cheese.
If her main disk does not have vegetables, we add
• 10-12 snap-pea crisps in a ziplock bag
• Some frozen veggies in a Tupperware (peas, carrots, corn). Heat just to room temp and put in lunch box.


  1. Great ideas, Josie! I think I might try the quesadilla one tonight.

    Thanks so much! I'll be coming back here. I need some help on the organizing front.

  2. This is great. I always stress out about what to pack for my daughter. I like the tip about microwaving Quesadilla. :) My daughter loves it but I thought it takes too much time to make on the stovetop.

    -Amy @ The Q Family

  3. This is very helpful! I'll definitely be coming back to look for your great tips. Thank you!

  4. It looks like the Quesadilla is very popular with the readers. It's HB's favorite too!


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