Monday, June 30, 2008

Diapering Tips

After 8 weeks of diapering baby #2, I've re-remembered a bunch of diapering tips we learned with #1.

Boudreauxs Butt Paste is by far our favorite diaper cream. We've tried Aveno Baby, Desitin, and Balmex. Butt Paste clears up the diaper rash usually with just one application. It spreads more easily than the others, and it smells pleasantly like cinnamon.

In lieu of carrying diaper cream in the diaper bag, I've been carrying Aquaphor. It works well as a diaper cream, but is more multi-purpose. My hands get really dry because I'm washing them all the time, so I use it for that as well. Our 2 yr old routinely skins her knees at the park, and we use Aquaphor on her boo-boos. Just the Aquaphor if there is no blood. And Aquaphor with a bandaid if she is bleeding.

We always put extra water in our wipes container. Saturate the wipes as much as you can (around 8oz for a large wipes container). You get the bum much cleaner, and use fewer wipes as a result. You can also re-hydrate a pack of wipes that has dried out. Please do not think you have to throw them away just because they dried out. Just add water!

Move to the next larger size diaper sooner than you think. We always move up to the next size several pounds before the weight specified on the box. If your baby is having frequent blow-outs or wetting through the diaper at night, just move up to the next size.

We use Amazon's automatic diaper delivery service. When you order diapers through their "Subscribe & Save" program, you get 15% off diapers, free shipping, and your diapers are shipped at a regular interval that you specify. There is no penalty for canceling your subscription, and you can change your order or your delivery schedule at any time. There really is no catch. You are often getting diapers at prices competitive to what you would get at Target with a coupon, and you don't have to worry about ever running out.

Note 9/17/08: Some people have been having a hard time finding the "subscribe and save" program on Amazon. To find eligible items, type "subscribe and save" into the Amazon search box. Or just click here. When you click on an eligible item, you will see a "Subscribe Now" button under the "Add to Shopping Cart" button.

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