Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hospital Pack List for Expecting Moms

My lovely sister is having her first baby any day now. She asked me to post my hospital pack list. She thinks I'm the kind of person who kept my hospital pack list on my computer -- and she's right!

Mom's stuff:
* Several copies of your birth plan
* Ipod - filled with relaxing music. I love Steven Halpern's Comfort Zone.
* - or - CD's and CD player (check to see if your hospital room already has one).
* Notes or books from childbirth class
* Bathrobe and slippers - note that things can get pretty messy during labor. So, don't bring anything you really love. I went to Ross and got a robe and slippers on the cheap, so that I didn't have to worry if it got ruined.
* Two Nursing Bras
* Nursing pads
* Glasses - some doctors won't let you wear contacts if there's a chance you will need anesthesia.
* Warm socks
* Pad of paper and pen
* Extra bag for take-home items
* Cord blood kit
* Hair scrunchies and clips
* Hairbrush or comb
* Gatorade - several liters - most doctors will not let you eat during labor, but you also don't want to bonk. So, Gatorade is a good way to replenish at least some of what you are losing. Note, that it's good to stay hydrated, but you must remember to pee every 1-2 hours. You may not feel the need to go, but if you are drinking a lot, you can end up with a distended bladder causing damage to your bladder that may lead to problems when you are older. Same goes for if you are being hydrated by a saline IV.
* Underwear - though you will probably go home in the hospital-provided disposable kind.
* Toiletry kit - you will definitely want to shower as soon as you are able to stand up on your own!
* Lip balm
* Comfortable outfit for discharge - do not kid yourself, you will not be back to your pre-preg size when you leave the hospital. You will still need to wear maternity clothes!

Dad/Partner's Stuff:
* Cellphone
* List of phone numbers of family members and friends to call
* Camera
* Video Camera
* Extra batteries and chargers
* Cash - for hospital snack machines
* Snacks - high-energy stuff like power bars, beef jerkey, and trail mix
* Sleepwear
* Change of clothes
* Toiletries

Baby's Stuff:
* Car seat - read the manual ahead of time and know how to properly install it.
* Baby outfit: undershirt, seasonal outfit, cap and booties - Bring two outfits. HB had a blow out diaper right as we were trying to leave the hospital!
* Two seasonal blankets

Have at home:
* Sanitary pads - super-uber-absorbency with wings
* Tuks medicated pads
* Newborn diapers - if you are expecting a big baby forgo the newborn size and go straight to size 1.
* Nursing pads
* Bottles and formula if not breast feeding - If you are planning to breastfeed have at least a small amount of formula on hand just in case.
* If you are breast feeding - a breast pump (at least the manual kind, if not the electric kind).
* Advil or Motrin
* Metamucil - the orange flavor is the most palatable

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