Friday, December 05, 2008

Easy Trader Joe's Meals - Tilapia Citronette

... a continuation of my posts on easy meals made from ingredients found at Trader Joe's

Tilapia Citronette
1 package Tilapia Citronette (frozen)
1 package haricot vert (green beans)

Prepare tilapia according to instructions (400 degree oven for 30 min). Transfer haricot vert into a microwave-safe dish and microwave for 4 min.

While they give both microwave and oven instructions for the Tilapia, I recommend that you cook it in the oven. I found that the fish came out rubbery and dry in the microwave, but very moist and flaky in the oven.

I realize that there is really no recipe here -- just reheating an already made meal. The reason I am highlighting it is because everyone should eat more Tilapia!

Tilapia is one of the "super fishes" (along with Salmon and Herring) which are high in Omega-3's yet low in mercury. I was scouring Trader Joe's for all their offerings of the "super fishes", and came upon this wonderfuly delicious meal.

I guess it's telling that HB thinks that all fish are salmon - we eat a lot of salmon at our house. So, it's nice to find an alternate fish that still has all the great Omega-3's. HB calls this "white salmon".

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