Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kids Need Recess!

An article over at MSN Health (Recess or Ritalin?) talks about how kids are less restless and more attentive in school when they have recess. The effect is especially pronounced with kids with ADD. This has been getting a lot of attention in the blogesphere.

My response: Duh! You sit me in a room for hours on end without a break, and my brain turns to mush. Get me a lunchtime workout, and I'm much more focused and productive for the rest of the day. Why should it be any different for kids? In fact, it's much more important for kids because they have so much more latent energy.

At the end of the article, they offer 5 ways that you can advocate for recess in your school district:

# Talk to other parents.
# Form partnerships with policymakers.
# Participate in your local school board meetings.
# Enlist the help of experts.
# Educate yourself.

What a great cause to get behind! Let the kids play!!!

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