Monday, December 29, 2008

How HB Got Her Nickname

I use initials to refer to my kids in this blog. My intention in hiding my kids' names is not for fear of their safety (I just don't see that as a big risk), but in protecting their adult-selves from what their mom wrote about them in her silly blog. I don't want some future potential employer to Google their name and have this blog pop up as the first hit. I want them to be able to ruin their own reputations on Facebook in their own due time!

HB are the initials I use to refer to my 2.5 year old daughter, and it stands for her nickname "Honey Bunny". It's a Pulp Fiction reference. In one scene Vincent and Jules are in a diner that gets robbed by a couple. The woman, Honey Bunny, is pretty spastic and crazy, and keeps pointing her gun randomly about. Jules tries to calm her down by saying "Cool it Honey Bunny", and "Put the gun down Honey Bunny". To me, this epitomizes calmness under pressure. It became my mantra for staying cool when things got crazy.

When we first brought HB home from the hospital, I remember feeling totally unsure of myself. I felt like we had been given this tiny bomb that could cry, poop, or generally explode at any time. During those early days, when she would cry, I would say to her in a really sweet sing-songy tone, "Cool it Honey Bunny. Put the gun down Honey Bunny". Mostly reminding myself to stay calm. But, somewhere along the line, Honey Bunny stuck as a nickname for her. So, that's what I call her. "Bunny" for short.


  1. Pulp Fiction is a favorite of mine and my husband's, too. We're expecting our first litte one in March, and I might just steal your nickname (for precisely the reason you created it!).

  2. @Krys - awesome! I was hoping someone out there would understand, and not think I'm crazy! :-)

  3. My daughter's nickname is Bunny, too. But due to her bouncing around so much in utero.

  4. @Jasi - funny you mention it.. HB did that too! She was all over the place!


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