Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Party Like It's 1999!

It's New Year's Eve. We have babysitters (in-laws). And we are going to party!!

...not, like we did in 1999. That year, we celebrated New Year's Eve on a cruise ship in Sydney Harbor among the fireworks and festivities that only the Aussies could pull off! I remember waking up in my hotel room the next day craving chocolate cake. (What do you crave when you have a hangover?) Oh, the joys of being kid-less and carefree!

No. This year, just a regular fancy party - a cocktail, some hors d'oeurves, and a glass of champagne, some friends, some merriment. Thinking about all the great things in store for me and my family in 2009. Amazing at how your perspective changes when you become a parent.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2009 for you and yours.

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