Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Organizing Your Nursery - The Nursing/Feeding Area

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Newborns spend a lot of time eating! Especially if you are nursing, you can spend nearly 8 hours a day just feeding the baby in the first few weeks! Because you spend so much time here, I think it's important to make it super comfy.

For nursing and feeding, it's important to have a comfortable chair. I really love the Ikea Poang chair. I find that it's a relatively inexpensive alternative to the expensive glider rockers that everyone seems to have (because you can usually find them used on Craig's List). When you are first nursing and learning to latch the baby, it helps to put a pillow behind your back so that you are a bit less reclined. But after you get the nursing down pat, it's nice to have a bit of a recline so that you can partially snooze during those late night feeds!

Having a foot stool greatly adds to the comfort factor. Especially in the early days, when your ankles are swollen from labor and delivery, it's really nice to put your feet up! The foot stool is also handy to drag over to the crib for when you have to soothe your baby to sleep. Standing over a crib can be tiring, especially when you are already sleep-deprived!

I also like to have a small side table next to the chair. It helps to have a place to put bottles, nursing gear, and your feeding log. You don't need a lot of room; a floating shelf on the wall could also work if you are pressed for space.

Given the amount of time you will spend feeding your baby, it pays to create a nice feeding area in your nursery. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make it comfortable and functional.

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